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Geek Tech Supply Custom Gaming PC’s

Geek Tech Supply

Suppose you need to upgrade your existing computer or are planning to buy a new system built for your needs. Whether gaming, work, productivity, or graphics designing, you’ve come to the right place. 

Many do not want the responsibility or time constraint of purchasing components and learning how to assembly them.

That is where Geek Tech Supply can help!

We are a one-stop shop for everything PC-related. 

As a retailer, we focus on delivering high-end or budget-oriented builds created for gamers and home users.

Our sole purpose is to provide services to those in need of a system but can’t decide what to buy and how to assemble it.

We offer competitive pricing while offering new and used hardware designed to be immaculate. We provide everything a system needs to function, including CPUs, GPUs, RAM, and much more. You can choose to buy a prebuilt system or explain your needs, which will help us envision your idea, so we can create a machine designed for your unique needs. 

So why buy a GTech gaming computer from Geek Tech?

We’ll tell you why!


One of our most commendable qualities is our prices. They beat every competitor when it comes to prebuilt gaming systems. Our prices are often up to 25% less than others, making it the perfect choice when tight on budget. 

Top-Notch Quality Standards

We do not skim on quality, as we provide the best hardware available on the market. Nothing will be cheap quality, from motherboards to CPUs to GPUs. We guarantee you that!

Top-tier, cherry-picked hardware helps deliver your system’s ultimate performance to do the task at hand at total capacity.

Our company aims to provide affordable prebuilt machines with industry-leading quality to every household in the United States. We are hopeful it will become the go-to option for people at every level of gaming. 

Professionally Built with Care

As our team has many computer enthusiasts in the company, we know what it feels like to have an untidy, unclean PC and a mess. We provide the system with the best possible cable management, which will help them keep everything clean, and tidy. 

Our certified technicians do all the hard work to ensure customer satisfaction. We create the machine as if we will use it, making it eye-catching whenever put on display. 

We can provide you with the operating system of your preference, whether it be Windows 10 or Windows 11, which will come with all drivers pre-installed, making the machine ready to be used right out of the box.

Exceptional Cable Management

As we have mentioned before, our team comprises enthusiasts and technicians alike. We take extraordinary measures whenever we build a PC, which usually begins with future planning. One of the critical features of future planning is to have a neat cable management system in place. 

An excellent cable-managed system will help make swapping components much more manageable.

Geek Tech Geek Guarantee and Refund Policy

All the prebuilds and custom builds are protected by our one-year Geek Tech Geek Guarantee, covering the cost of parts and labor. In the event of system failure, the customer can drop off or ship their PC to us, which will then be diagnosed, assessed, and repaired.

For example, if you had a PC that stopped booting, you could ship it back to us for diagnosis. If it had a faulty ram, we would replace it with the same or equivalent part and return the repaired unit to you at our expense.

Customer Satisfaction and expectation are crucial points we strive to meet with each build we deliver. We provide an incredible post-sale warranty, customer service, and support. We strive to receive a 5-star review for every order we ship.


Once the order is built and tested, it is outbound for shipping within three days.

Once ready for shipping, FedEx or UPS will handle the shipping. You can decide which logistics company to select during checkout. We do not provide shipping to Alaska or Hawaii.

Your rig will arrive in the case box with adequate foam padding to prevent damage during shipping. It will include everything you need to start playing right out of the box, minus a keyboard, mouse, and monitor!

So what are you waiting for?  

Order your new GTech custom gaming desktop PC today, and GET GAMING!

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