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Everything you need to know about iOS 16

upgrade to the new ios 16

When was iOS 16 released?

iOS 16 was released on September 12, 2022.

What are the new features of iOS 16?

iOS 16 introduces many new features to the iPhone operating system.

Some of the most noticeable changes of iOS 16 are:

Lock screen

Have you ever wanted to make your phone’s Lock Screens stand out? Browse through a gallery of different options and see how each can be personalized with the date, time, or info that matters most.

Edit Your Lock Screen

The Lock Screens on your iPhone or iPad are now incredibly customizable. You can change the font, and color of certain elements to make it more personalized for you!

Switching Lock Screens

iOS 16 gives you the ability to create multiple lock screens, and change them throughout your day.

Photo Shuffle

With the new iOS 16 update, you can set the cadence for how often your Lock Screen should be updated with a photo. You’ll get an automatic shuffle every day or just when iOS feels like surprising you throughout the day!

Lock Screen Widgets

In addition to the standard Lock Screen features, you can also glance at information like weather forecasts and time zones without unlocking your phone.

The widgets for this section include all sorts of neat info that will be helpful on any day-to-day basis!

Style Your Photos

Lock screen photos can be styled with a variety of different filters and fonts to match your style.

Suggested Lock Screen Photos

iOS 16 is intelligent about suggesting photos from your library that will look great on the Lock Screen.

Display Live Activities

Live Activities will keep you in the know about everything going on around town, even when your phone is locked.

Live Weather

Check out the latest weather on your Lock Screen as it changes throughout the day!


The Lock Screens for your phone are now more than just pretty images. They’re an interactive window into the universe, with interfaces that update live as conditions change!


Linking Lock Screen

With the Focus app, you can have a more customized look and function of your iPhone. To activate it on the Lock Screen just swipe up or down to access different styles!

Suggestions On Your Lock Screen

iOS provides you with relevant options for your Focus, such as a data-rich Lock Screen while using WorkFocus or an image-based security measure when in Personal Mode.

Suggestions On Lock Screen

iOS offers some great suggestions to help you decide on which Focus option will be perfect for the situation.

For example, if your work involves lots of data and typing up documents then iOS suggests using a Data-rich Lock Screen while working in Work mode or even offering recommendations based on photos stored locally from Personal Focuses so there’s no need to go back into Instagram just yet!

Focus Filters

When using different focus filters, be sure to set boundaries for the apps you use like Calendar or Mail in order not to get distracted.

For example, if there is something important happening at work that needs attention don’t get distracted from other tabs such as Facebook when working on your projects outside of office time! You can make a set of safari Tab Groups specific to your Work Focus, or Personal Focus. You can see how Focus filters can be of great help!

iCloud Shared Photo Library

Another exciting feature is the new iOS 16 iCloud shared photo library feature will make it easier for users to collaborate on projects.

Share your photo library with friends and family

Share separate photo libraries with up to five other people using your shared photo library.

The iCloud shared photo library feature will allow users to share photos and videos with other people, making it easier for them to collaborate on projects. The feature will be available as part of an update to the iOS 16 operating system later this year.

Other notable changes include improvements to mail, safari, messages, and siri. Overall, iOS 16 provides a more streamlined and efficient experience for users.

Apple Pay & Apple Wallet App

Apple Pay Later

Cut the cost of your Apple Pay Later purchases in half with no interest or fees by splitting it into four payments over six weeks.

Apple Wallet Key Sharing

Apple has released a new update that allows you to securely share your keys with the people in your life via messaging apps such as WhatsApp and Mail.

Apple Cash Payments

With Apple Cash payment requests, you can keep track of your active and completed transactions from a single location.

Order Tracking for Apple Pay

With i0S 16 Apple Pay now has order tracking which provides tracking information and detailed receipts in your Apple Wallet with participating Apple Pay merchants.

Apple Pay Merchant Tokens

Apple Pay on iOS 16 now includes merchant tokens that allow you to create preauthorized recurring payments using the Apple Pay app.

Securely Add Keys From Websites

With iOS 16 you may now add keys securely to your Apple Watch and iPhone without the need for an app. This will make it easier to pay using your iPhone or Apple Watch!

Previously Used Keys

iOS 16 adds support to add your previously used keys to a new Apple Watch or iPhone directly from your Apple Wallet app.

Apple Fitness App

Keep track of your health data with the fitness app even if you don’t have an Apple Watch. iPhone motion sensors working with the Apple Fitness App will estimate the calories burned during workouts and allow for more accurate counting towards daily Move targets, all without ever having to carry around another device! This feature also works with third-party apps.

Improved Family Sharing

Family Checklist

This feature of iOS 16 provides suggestions, and tips when it comes to family safety such as location sharing, and your children’s parental controls. It will also allow family sharing of your iCloud+ subscriptions.

Improved Accessibility

Apple Watch Mirroring to iPhone

iPhone users can now easily control their Apple Watch from their iPhone with these three easy steps. You can use voice commands, switch controls, or any other assistive features on an iOS 16 device to make using this innovative technology easier for everyone in our lives who are now reliant upon it!

Magnifier Detection Mode

With a new Magnifier mode, you can now experience rich descriptions of your surroundings with Door Detection, image descriptions, and People detection. And if that’s not enough to make the storybook impressions come alive for you then try Image Descriptions!

Health App audiograms

A new feature that allows you to add your audiograms into your Health app on your iOS 16 device.

Siri “Hang Up”

iOS 16 adds a new ability that allows iPhone users to ask Siri to hang up their calls by just saying “Hey Siri, hang up”. This feature must be enabled in your device settings app.

Improved Messages App

Invitations to Collaborate

iOS 16 now allows you to send out invitations to collaborate with others on projects using the Messages app. People who you collaborate with automatically gain access to the project, document, and/or spreadsheet. This collaboration feature works with Files, Notes, Keynote, Pages, Safari, and many other third-party apps.

Un-send Messages

iOS 16 adds the highly requested feature that gives users 2 minutes to cancel any message already sent.

Deleted Message Recovery

Enjoy the chance to recover deleted messages for up to 30 days after deletion!

Message Filtering When Using Dual SIMs

Apple now gives the ability to filter your messages by SIM when you are using the dual SIM ability.

News App

My Sports

In iOS 16 you can now track leagues, specific athletes, as well as your favorite team using Apple News. See the latest highlights, stories, schedules, and scores with a customizable My Sports page.

Local News

Apple News now gives you more access to your local news stations.

Home App

Re-designed Home app

iOS 16 introduces a completely re-designed Home app that makes it much easier to view, organize, navigate, and take control of your smart home accessories.

Brand new camera views

Your iPhone camera now offers up to four camera views that are easily accessed on your Home tab.


Matter is included in the new features, and provides your smart home accessories connectivity across compatible accessories seamlessly.

Apple TV

Only HomePod and Apple TV support the new iOS 16 home hubs.


Detect duplicates

Nobody likes duplicate photos. iOS 16 provides you with the utility to detect, and clean up duplicate photos out of your library.


Translate with your camera

iOS 16 now allows you to use the Translate app to translate the text around you. You can even translate text from images in your Photos library


iOS 16 brings some important new features to help with your privacy.

Lock Recently Deleted and Hidden albums

Recently deleted and hidden albums are now locked by default, but can be unlocked using normal authentication methods such as passcode, Touch ID, or Face ID.


Call and Message Status

With iOS 16 you can see your missed calls and unread messages directly on your Home Screen.


Home Screen Search Ability

iphone 14 pro max, ios 16

How do I update my iPhone or iPad to iOS 16?

Updating your iPhone or iPad to the latest version of iOS is a simple process that can be done wirelessly. Here are the steps:

1. Make sure you have a recent backup. You can back up your device using iCloud or iTunes.

2. Connect your device to Wi-Fi.

3. Go to Settings > General > Software Update. iOS will check for updates and prompt you to install them.

4. Tap Install Now to begin the update process. Depending on the size of the update, it may take a few minutes to download and install.

5. Once the update is installed, your device will restart automatically. After it starts up, you should be running iOS 16!

What should I do if my device is lost or stolen after upgrading to iOS 16?

It’s always a good idea to take some precautions against losing your device, and this is especially true if you’ve just upgraded to iOS 16.

One of the most important things you can do is to enable iCloud and GPS tracking. This way, if your device is lost or stolen, you’ll be able to find it using iCloud’s Find My iPhone feature. You can also use GPS tracking to keep an eye on where your device is at all times.

Another good precaution to take is to set up a passcode lock. This will help to deter thieves, and it will also give you a chance to remotely wipe your device if it falls into the wrong hands.

Of course, no precaution is foolproof, but taking these measures will help to increase the chances of getting your device back if it’s lost or stolen.

How will the new operating system affect my battery life and performance?

One of the most common questions people have about their smartphones is how a new operating system will affect their battery life and performance. With lithium batteries, it’s important to keep the software updated to get the most efficient use out of them.

With each new software update, the lithium battery will become more stable and perform better. Additionally, the new operating system will likely include new features that could help improve your battery life.

For example, a new power-saving mode might be included that will automatically turn off certain functions when your battery gets low. Overall, keeping your software up to date is one of the best things you can do for your lithium battery.

Are there any known issues with iOS 16 that I should be aware of before upgrading?

As with any new software update, there are bound to be a few glitches here and there. iOS 16 is no different. Some users have reported issues with iMessage, while others have had problems with apps randomly crashing. There have also been reports of battery drain and Bluetooth connectivity issues. Thankfully, most of these problems can be fixed with a quick restart or by resetting your device. However, if you’re still experiencing problems after taking these steps, it might be best to wait for a future update before upgrading to iOS 16.

How do I downgrade from iOS 16 back to a previous version if I decide later that I don’t like it or it’s not working well for me?”

First, you need to download the older iOS version that you want to downgrade to. You can find this on Apple’s website or through another source such as IPSW. Once you have the older iOS version, connect your device to your computer and open 3uTools. Then, select your device in 3uTools and click on Restore Backup. From there, select the older backup that you want to restore and click Restore. 3uTools will start the process of downgrading your device to the older iOS version. Keep in mind that this will erase all data from your device, so make sure you have backups of any important files before proceeding. Once the process is finished, your device will be running the older iOS version and you can start using it as usual.

What are our favorite iOS 16 features

  1. iCloud Shared Photo Library
  2. New lock screen abilities
  3. Apple Pay & Apple Wallet updates
  4. Maps updates
  5. Passkeys to replace passwords with an easier, and safer sign-in method

What are your thoughts

So.. are you going to upgrade, or have you already upgraded to iOS 16? The new operating system comes with a lot of great features, but like with any update, there are some potential downsides. We’ve outlined all the important information you need to know about iOS 16 in this blog post, so make sure to read it before deciding whether or not to upgrade. And as always, if you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’re happy to help!

Most Important iOS 16 New Features

Software updates

Battery life


Fitness App

Health App

Camera App

Photos App

News App

Home App

Apple Pay Purchase

Focus Modes

Share Photos

Share this!

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