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Computer & Game Console Repair

Experienced technicians, and stream lined repair processes keep us at the top of the our game.


Our lead computer technician brings 20+ years of experience to the table to ensure you get a comprehensive repair the first time.


The Hard Drive offers complete diagnostic services for each, and every computer we take in.


Need your computer repaired faster?

Expedited services are available just for you!

Computer Services

Virus Removal

Computer running slow? We offer very thorough system cleaning, and optimization services.

Also, we are an authorized provider for Malwarebytes, an industry leading antivirus solution.

System Upgrades

Not quite ready for a new system?

Maybe some upgrades is all that you need!

We offer complete upgrade services for desktops, and laptops.

Custom Builds

Looking for something custom?

We offer start to finish custom desktop services to build whatever best suits your specific needs.

System Failure

System completely crashed?

Our experienced technicians can help get your machine back online, and performing as it should.

Screen Replacement

Broken laptop screen?

We offer affordable replacement’s with only the highest quality parts.

Complete Diagnostics

We have an arsenal of diagnostic tools at our disposal to make sure we provide the correct diagnose of your machines.

Data Recovery

Data loss can be extremely painful.

We have solutions to help you recover your most valuable data.

Computer Sales

Looking for a new system?

We can access your specific needs, and provide you with a computer to fill them.

Game Console Services

HDMI Port Repair

Damaged HDMI Port?

Our experienced micro soldering technician can get your port replaced, and you gaming again.

Hard Drive Repair

Hard Drive failing, or just want to expand for more storage?

We have the tools, and knowledge to get your console upgrades, or repaired so you can get back to your games.

Disc Drive Repair

Console won’t accept or eject discs?

Drive stop reading your games?

We can help!

Power Supply Repair

No Power?

Power supply may be the fix, and we can help!

Internal Cleaning

System running hot? This can lead to board or hard drive failure so don’t wait!

Bring your console in for an internal cleaning to keep it running at its peak performance.

Store Hours

Mon-Fri: 10am – 6pm

Lunch 1pm – 2pm

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Want to be without your device for as little time as possible? Then book an appointment for your cellphone repair, tablet repair, or smart watch repair to ensure you are back on your way as quickly as possible.

Request Repair Information

If you are curious about a repair, and would like to request additional information, simple follow the link below to fill out a simple form. We will then contact you as soon as possible to provide the request information.